Top Offensive Lineman in the Maple League

Offensive lineman is the most important position group in American Football. You can’t run the ball if your lineman are no good, and you can’t pass the ball if your lineman are no good. Basically, in front of every great skill player there is a big guy doing work! If you go to and check out game stats as well as season stats you will see all the skill position stats you desire. What you won’t see is: sacks allowed, pancakes, holding penalties, or any other statistics that quantify offensive lineman play. That being said I am not trying to blame the league or anything, this is what lineman have come to expect in the sport. Hard work, no individually glory, just overall team success to be able to say “I blocked for the best team in the league”. That’s a great team mentality, but I’ve seen a good amount of Maple League games this season and decided to introduce you to the best Offensive Lineman in the league this year. If you think I excluded a worthy lineman feel free to contact me through my social media profiles.

Mikael Paloniemi – Seinäjoki Crocodiles


Matthias Stockamp – Seinäjoki Crocodiles


Benjamin Watkins – Helsinki Roosters


Iiro Luoto – Helsinki Roosters


Jere Lahti – Helsinki Roosters


Richard Laine – Helsinki Roosters

Richard Laine

Jari Ylimaki – Seinäjoki Crocodiles

Daniel Menczel – Turku Trojans


Jussi Jalonen – Turku Trojans


Karri Kuutila – Turku Trojans

karri k


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