The Import

American Football is an international sport. The creation of NFL Europe increased the growth of the sport on a global scale. Countries all over the world have created leagues and teams dedicated to playing football. Most of these countries have football players from the United States join their teams, in hopes to increase domestic player development and the overall football competition in their respective countries. These players are called IMPORTS.

Recently the term import has been changed to define any player foreign to a team’s domestic country by passport citizenship. Because of the large amount of import players available, specific import rules have been created in international football federations of various countries.

I was fortunate to have my original import experience lead me on a path of football enlightenment. Through my travels of playing football internationallyI have been fortunate enough to join a great community of import players & coaches around the globe. Out of respect and admiration for those involved in this international football community, I have made THE IMPORT a primary focus of my website. The focus of The Import series is to give readers an idea of what being an import is like, as well as giving import players & coaches a platform to make their family and friends proud!



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In combination with my own experience, I have interviewed hundreds of imports playing American Football in foreign countries. I have put together a collection of these interviews to give some insight in my first E-Book, The Import. Download your FREE copy Today!