Wasa Gives Porvoo the Royal Flush 31-12


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I apologize for the corny headline, but after a 24 point first quarter by the Royals this game was just a formality the next three quarters. This was my first time experiencing the Royals play live and I have to admit I was impressed. This team looks like a solid #3 team in the Maple League and could definitely put the Seinäjoki Crocodiles on Upset Alert. But let’s talk about what happened in Porvoo this past Friday.

Chris Young – 10 tkls, 2 tfl, 1 sack


Photo Courtesy of FSC Media
Finally seeing Chris Young live was AMAZING!! This guy flies around the field, literally. He ran sideline to sideline all game making diving tackles just as often and bone crushing hits. His high motor added with his football smarts made it easy to see he was the best player on the field



Mikko Seppänen –10 rec, 138 yds

Photo Courtesy of FSC Media

Trevor Vasey’s favorite target was BIG all game. Despite not scoring any touchdowns Seppänen hauled in 10 catches for almost 140 yards AND played cornerback all game. I’m still confused how he didn’t pass out from playing the entire game.


R.J. Long – 3 rec, 103 yds, 2 td


Photo Courtesy of FSC Media

Another 2-way player, Long made his presence known on both sides of the ball. With only three catches, he made 2 touchdowns. That’s one helluva touchdown rate. He also did a great job making plays from the Safety position


Michael Galantini – 8.5 tkls, 4.5 tfl, 2 sacks

As per every week Galantini dominated the line of scrimmage all game and has the stats to prove it. Double teams, and even triple teams could not stop him from imposing his will. Any success the Royal had this game was always AWAY from #1, and rightfully so.


Nicholas Peterson – 9.5 tkls, 2.5 tfl

Some guys just have a knack for being around the ball, Peterson is one of those guys. Next to Chris Young, Peterson either made or almost made every play for the Royals defense. He even did a great job in pass coverage despite some shady calls by the officials. Peterson is the prototype of a BALLER.



Notable Players

Tom Suoste – 10 att, 67 yds

Isaac Fisher – 6/13, 138 yds, 3 td, 1 int

Rufail Khalifa – 3.5 tkls, 1 int (td)

Joshua Akena – 7.5 tkls, 1 tfl

Trevor Vasey – 20/40, 224 yds, 1 td, 1 int

Kemani Jones – 13 att, 77 yds

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