Midsummer Maple League: Chris Douglas

Midsummer is here!! Maple League action is on a small break, so I decided to catch up with a few of the stars of the league and ask some important questions. Here is what Chris Douglas of the Turku Trojans had to say.

The Chris Douglas Story

Well I’m originally from Lawrenceville, Georgia, where I went to Peachtree Ridge High School. After leaving there I went to Pasadena Community College in California. Played my freshman year, then transferred to Fort Scott Community College in Kansas, where I was redshirted. I was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship to Missouri State where I played 09-11. Afterwards I had a proday and was seen by 22 NFL teams and that’s how the Buffalo Bills signed me as an undrafted free agent. My stint with the Bills wasn’t long due to an injury. After working hard and training to get back healthy I got a chance to go to a minicamp with the Carolina Panthers. I also went to mini camps with 2 CFL(Canadian Football League) teams, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Stampeders. Last year I had an opportunity to play in the GFL(German Football League) with the Saarland Hurricanes, and that’s how I got my name out in the European Football world.

Suomi (Finland)

Perfect: How do you like it in Finland?

Douglas: I love Finland, it’s a beautiful place.

Perfect: How do you like the Finnish People?

Douglas: Finnish people are very nice, I have met a lot of cool people so far. it definitely helps that everyone over here(Turku) speaks English.

Perfect: What is your go to meal in Finland?

Douglas: Well breakfast food is my favorite. I usually make myself some bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs with cheese. But if I don’t cook, a kebab always gets the job done.

Perfect: What are your midsummer plans?

Douglas: I actually don’t have any plans as of now. Hopefully I find something fun.

Maple League Football

Perfect: What do you see as the end result for you guys this season?

Douglas: Championship is the only thing on our mind. But we are taking it one game at a time.

Perfect: Individually, how do you feel about your performance so far?

Douglas: I feel like I’ve had some decent games. Made some good plays, have to keep getting better throughout the season.

Perfect: What changes if any do you guys need to make to improve?

Douglas: Penalties, and making sure we finish the game

Perfect: Can you name the best 5 players in the Maple League?


Roman Runner (Turku),

Max Shortell(Turku)

Sami Toivonen(Turku)

Karri Kuuttila(Turku)

James Perrinneau(Turku)

After the Maple League Season

Perfect: So what’s next for you after the season?

Douglas: Do the necessary work to get back to the CFL/NFL


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