Maple League Action: Seinäjoki Crocodiles  vs Porvoo Butchers

Friday Night Light!(sun is out until 10pm in Finland)  I visited the beautiful town of Porvoo to see the Seinäjoki Crocodiles annihilate the Porvoo Butchers 35-7 in Maple league play this weekend. Despite the lopsided score, both sides played hard the entire game.

Timmy Thomas is a baaad Man

The British player destroyed the Butchers  secondary scoring 2 touchdowns and 160 yards on 12 catches. This guy had over 100 yards receiving in just the first half! He especially took advantage of Vesa Aaltonen of the Butchers including all of his touchdown catches.


Michael Galantini is a Man amongst Boys

His stats might not show it, but this guy absolutely destroyed the Crocodiles offensive lineman. The reason stats will not show this is because how the crocodiles did a great job using play calls to avoid him at all costs. Quick screens and misdirection runs kept the ball just out of his reach. I promise we will hear more from him as the season goes on and the butchers play lesser opponents.


Justin Sottilare is the best QB in the Maple League

His stats of course back up my claim, but watching this guy whip that ball quicker than the smell of french toast was a pleasure. His quick release helped hide the fact that the Seinäjoki offensive line was not blocking anyone. The passion he showed when there were small penalties late in the game even though they were clearly in control just adds to how much I like this guy! And the icing on the cake: He personally took water to his defensive teammates on the field during a timeout!! The humility! This guy is the reason people say sports build character.



Kemani Jones needs help in Porvoo

I know a good running back when I see one, and Jones is a great running back! His line was no match for the crocodiles and Porvoo quickly abandoned the running game. No matter, Jones was probably the best receiver for the Butchers all night. Most of Kemani’s rushing yardage came late in the 4th quarter, but he was an all around stud in this game.


Teams are only as good as their QB

Trevor Vasey is a very athletic quarterback with deceptive speed and strength. He is NOT a pocket quarterback. This showed in the game on Friday. The crocodiles forced the Butchers to pass and found out that Vasey was the weak link. His footwork on drop backs was very inconsistent, his accuracy was horrible, and he often rolled left trying to pass on the run against his body. But it’s not all bad. In the 3rd quarter Porvoo let Vasey run a no huddle offense where he seemed to be calling the plays himself from the line. There was success to a certain degree before the drive died because of a poorly thrown ball. Vasey’s best plays happened when he was extending plays like a young Ben Roethlisberger, making things happen on the fly. If the Butchers can get a combination of this no huddle fluidity with his playmaking ability the passing game can compliment the running game that they must implement more every week.


Niko Lester is the real MVP 

After starting the game at cornerback, Lester took over the running back position due to an early injury to Kevin Marshall Jr. And then he took the game over! Niko used an Arian Foster like approach to gradually gaining speed and changing direction to baffle the Porvoo defense all night. He was not asked to carry the ball much but just enough to keep the Butchers honest. He did more than that as he exploded for 125 yards on only 13 carries. I don’t know if he will continue to play offense as the season continues but I won’t be mad if he does.



Results from other games in the Maple League this weekend:

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Helsinki Roosters 31 – Vantaa Taft 20