AFF Season 2, Ep. 2 – Finland League Structure Discussion

On Episode 2 of American Football in Finland, Perfect Pervis takes on the subject of the league structure in Finland and discusses a few ideas that might be beneficial to the growth of football in Suomi. This week, Perfect is joined by Akseli Olin, Jabari Harris, Spencer Cutlan, Que Floyd, and Curtis Slater. Guests individual segments can be found in the patron content of the AFF Podcast. If you would like to see Perfect’s detailed strategy for restructure, visit



Helsinki Roosters defensive back Akseli Olin joins Perfect to discuss the team and league structure in Finland. Akseli believes that there should be an increase in youth club teams in Finland, but a decrease in adult teams.



Perfect goes into detail about his Maple League Restructure idea, expanding the Maple League to 12 teams, and having Division 1 have 6 teams. Akseli agrees with the general concept that Perfect pitches and suggest that people take a listen.



Curtis Slater explains how the structure of different teams in Finland effects the overall football culture in Finland.  Slater states that better competition in games would help the league grow.



Spencer Cutlan is at a loss for words regarding the structure of Finland football. Comparing the best teams in Division 1 to the Maple League, Perfect and Spencer both agree that the competition is comparable.



Jabari Harris and Que Floyd join the discussion about the league structure in Finland. Jabari flat out says the structure needs to change, and that there are too many divisions in the SAJL.




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