AMERICAN Football in Finland

American Football is alive and well in the country of Finland! Perfect Pervis has joined forces with Robert Johnson and Jabari Harris to talk Maple League Football every week. With over 70 years of football experience between the trio, they just might be able to give listeners an accurate view of the football landscape in Finland. Check out AFF every Week!





Perfect Pervis has over 25 years of football experience around the world. In his brief time in Europe, he has become a respected influence in all things American Football. Perfect is currently a permanent resident of Finland, where he is a player/coach for the Helsinki Wolverines and the owner of Pervis Football. Pervis is also a contributing writer for American Football International, Gridiron.Fi, and The Inside Zone UK.



Photo Credit: Helsinki Roosters

Robert Johnson (Rojo) has been playing football since he was 7 years old. He has won championships in high School, Junior college, and also played in big games in college. Insight Bowl against Minnesota and Cotton Bowl against Alabama. Rojo attended Texas Tech Univeristy which plays in the BIG 12 conference. Rojo came to Finland in 2007 and now has a permanent residence here. He has played 9 seasons in Finland, going to 8 championships and winning 5 total (3 Helsinki Roosters, 2 Porvoo Butchers) Now he his the Head Coach and Quarterback for the Helsinki Wolverines and the Finnish National Team Offensive Coordinator.


Jabari Harris has over 20 years of football experience. His professional career started in Europe in 2014, when he came to Finland after his senior year in college to take over the starting QB job for the Porvoo Butchers. Since then, he has been apart of 4 playoff teams in Europe, named 2016 MVP of the Polish American Football League, and a member of the 2016 Maple League Champions, Helsinki Roosters. Harris is a permanent resident of Finland, where he is the Head coach and QB for the East City Giants. He’s and active partner with Touchdown Europe and works to continue to build the knowledge and reputation of American Football throughout Europe.