AFF Season 2, Episode 1 – Opinions on Ruutu and Attendance


American Football in Finland is back! Perfect Pervis kicks off season two discussing the state of the Maple League’s partnership with the Ruutu media service, and the actual football attendance in Finland. Jabari Harris, Marquette “Que” Floyd, Spencer Cutlan, Mark Collier, Josh Claassen, Akseli Olin, and Curtis Slater each give their take on the topic with Perfect. Guests individual segments can be found in the patron content of the AFF Podcast.



Jabari Harris and Que Floyd discuss the impact of the Ruutu service in Finland, as well as the actual attendance to football games in Finland. Que points out that the Ruutu service makes it difficult for the games to be shown outside of the limited Finnish market. Jabari states that Ruutu is great for the Football community, but doesn’t help increase the fan base on the national level.


Spencer Cutlan gives his opinion on the Ruutu subscription, agreeing that the concept is good for boosting the legitimacy of American Football to the level of other professional sports in Finland.


Perfect Pervis calls out the best teams in Austria and Germany, saying Finland can compete with those teams if given the chance.


Mark Collier and Josh Claassen weigh in out the Ruutu topic. Mark points out that Ruutu is a great product for watching games for fans who are not local to their teams. He also states that the Ruutu schedule helps fans to see more games instead of deciding between football and their life every weekend. Perfect agrees that for true fans, Ruutu has given great options, but for the casual fans it does nothing to increase exposure. Mark goes on to explain how entertaining football in Finland was in the past and that if the sport was to get back to that level of entertainment, attendance would most definitely increase. Perfect brings up the fact that the Maple League games are too expensive to attend as a casual fan. Mark agrees and suggests either there is more entertainment, or the price is lowered in the Maple League. Perfect suggests the difference between now and the past is that players do not promote the sport to their local community anymore, as was done in the past.


Akseli Olin states that Ruutu is good for the Maple League and the sport of football in Finland. Akseli says the Ruutu product is top quality and better than what any local teams could produce.



Curtis Slater begins his opinions with the pricing of the Ruutu subscription. Perfect adds in his quick math as they figure out the costs of attending a game or getting the Ruutu subscription.