They call me Perfect Pervis and I come from the great state of Texas! I have more than 25 years of experience playing and coaching American Football in the United States. I also have played & coaches all over the world including countries: Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Austria, and Brazil. Because of my travels I have come to have a unique perspective on Football that I share with the world through my articles online. I won’t bore you with my full resume, but you can always stalk me here.


In my first summer living in Finland, I decided to start writing a blog about American Football. Through my involvement with the sport here in Finland and my international connections, the blog has taken a life of its own. I am committed to informing the world about the import lifestyle in various countries and the happenings of Football in the Maple League. Every once in a while I will publish a personal article or even have a guest writer, just to keep things fresh! Now in my third year, I will bring you more information, more entertainment, and publish more often. I hope that you enjoy reading everything as much as I enjoy writing it!



A year ago, I teamed up with a few other Americans living in Finland to create a podcast. Honestly, the purpose of the podcast was to give a truly AMERICAN view on the sport. This is why the podcast was titled AMERICAN Football in Finland. The podcast was so well received, that I abandoned the original concept as the show became weekly entertainment for the football community in Finland. The *AFF podcast is a show for the people, by the people. Through player & coaches interviews, AFF gives listeners a chance to actually understand more than just the numbers of the game in Finland. Guest hosts along with my own analysis & opinions keep things interesting and sometimes controversial. No matter what is said, it’s always a good time on American Football in Finland!



This blog is not my only football outlet. I am the owner of a local American Football company here in Finland, named Pervis Football. Pervis Football visits youth schools all over Finland. I introduce local kids to the sport of American Football through informative presentations and basic skill demonstrations.

I enjoy my local audience in Finland, and our 6 million person population. But I’m an international spirit! So in pursuit of my spirit animal (Elephant?), I have joined The Podyum in the role of Business Development Associate responsible for the *Nordic Region.  I will be involved with all things The Podyum including player & team recruiting, combines & camps, social media, and of course website content. If you enjoy what I do here, please support me and The Podyum as well!