Midsummer Interview: Charles Wort

The Maple League is not the only competitive Football league in Finland. Division 1 of Finland plays on a smaller stage, but can argue a league of more similar talent, which creates more competitive teams and games. One of the top imports in Division 1, Charles Wort of the Kuopio Steelers was kind enough to answer a few questions about his time in Finland so far.



Photo Credit: Jeff Huehn

How did you get here? What’s your football journey?

I played a half season in Italy with my brother Thomas on the Milano Rhinos after leaving UTSAs program. I played a season with a local team to stay in shape. Met a teammate who introduced me to Europlayers and I put up and sent my film out. I got on with the Kouvola Indians and had  my breakout season overseas. After that I joined Osas Rivas in Spain and then joined the Koć Rams. I then returned to Kouvola for the summer. And now I am here in Kuopio playing for the Steelers.


How do you like it in Finland?

You grow to love Finland and the Finns. The trees and landscape is truly beautiful and it draws me back here every year. Most Finnish people are the most genuine down to earth people you will find.


What are your midsummer plans?

Midsummer plans I will be traveling to Helsinki to visit the city and explore before traveling around Finland a bit to visit old friends and get my head right for the remainder of the season.




What do you see as the end result for the Steelers this season?

End results are to perform at the highest level and make plays. Get the Kuopio Steelers to the Maple League to compete with the best in Finland. After that return home and see what’s next.



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