AFF Interviews Bernard Luster of the Helsinki Roosters

Bernard Luster is in the mist of the Finland era of his Football career. Playing for the Helsinki Roosters this year, he has been kind enough to do a short interview about his time in Finland and the different cultural aspects of life in Finland. Checkout more interviews on the AFF Podcast.


Bernard Luster attended Corinth High School in Mississippi before playing college football for
Northeast Mississippi Community College and William Penn University (Iowa). Photo Credit: Sami Ranta

How many years have you been playing Football in Europe/Overseas?

I’ve been in Europe for five years.


How many seasons have you spent in Finland?

This will be going on my third season in Finland.


Why did you choose to play in Finland repeatedly?

I love the organization I play for (Helsinki Roosters) and the bond I have with the team.


What are a few positive cultural differences you have experienced in Finland?

I enjoy the people for the simple fact that they’re friendly and genuine. Also enjoy the 
public transportation. Makes it really easy to get anywhere.

Luster began his professional career with the West Texas Roughnecks indoor football team where he was named Offensive Player of the Year. Photo Credit: Harri Koivunen



What are a few negative cultural differences you have experienced in Finland?

Before getting to know people they’re pretty shy and may come off rude. Also they have 
no sense of personal space, which is only a bother because what I’m use to back home.


What are some positive differences in the American Football culture in Finland?

Week to week competition is equally competitive.


What some negative differences in the American Football culture in Finland?

Not much negative, just like other countries, with coaching and repetition the talent and level of play continues to get better yearly.


What suggestions do you have to ease the cultural transition for American imports in Finland?

Come with an open mind and take advantage of getting to learn a new culture.


What kind of advice do you have for anyone interested in playing American Football in Europe or Finland?

Take advantage of the opportunity and see the world. Enjoy the way of life that the country has to offer and participate in that cultures festivities.

Luster continued has his professional career in Europe with the Marburg Mercenaries (Germany) and now the Helsinki Roosters (2x Vaahteraliiga Champion). Photo Credit: SAJL



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  • March 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    great player, class act, hard worker. I expect him to have a big year, keep killin it bro


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