A Crime is Committed in Hämeenlinna as the Huskies Score 60 points

Saturday afternoon a crime was committed. The Hämeenlinna Huskies physically assaulted the Seinäjoki Crocodiles 60-6 in Maple League play. Starting with the opening kickoff, the Huskies were the most impolite hosts you have ever seen. They welcomed the Crocodiles to Hämeenlinna, then proceeded to beat them senseless for 3 hours. Well here is some of the evidence from the Hämeenlinna crime scene.



Photo Credit: Hilarious Hobbit

Yea, you read that correctly. The two-way player scored 5 touchdowns, and surprisingly none of them were a pick six! Runner opened the game with a 90 yard kickoff return that took 15 seconds off the game clock. About a minute late he returned a punt for his second score. In 90 seconds, roman Runner scored twice! You would think that he would be avoided the rest of the game, but he returned another punt for a score in the second quarter. Runner had a hat trick at half time! That’s a good day for most people, but Roman Runner is not most people. He scored two receiving touchdowns in the second half to put his point total at 30 for the game. The Crocodiles have scored 26 points in their first 3 games. . . .



Photo credit: Hilarious Hobbit

I’m gonna say what no one else wants to admit: Stan Bedwell is DAMN good! Bedwell is a towering figure at 178 cm and 86 kg, so it’s no wonder that he utilizes the talent around him to produce each week. This game was no different as he completed 80% of his passes, accumulated over 300 yards , and totalled 5 touchdowns. I won’t say Bedwell is the best quarterback in the Maple League, but they say numbers never lie.



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Niko Lester scored on a jet sweep, so in my book that’s a running score. Lester caught a 58 yard touchdown pass at receiver. He played cornerback and safety throughout the game. Lester averaged 18.5 yards on punt returns. I’m still waiting for him to throw or kick, but it’s still early in the season.



Photo Credit: Hilarious Hobbit

Technically he is a running back, but leads the Huskies in receptions, as he did this game as well with 8 catches and 1 touchdown. This Belgian running back was the recipient of the bulk of Stan Bedwell screens and quick passes, turning them into big plays after the catch.



I know he is the quarterback, but let’s skip over that performance in this game. Brett Arrivey had to punt the ball 11 times in this game. That’s a lot of leg movement, not to mention he attempted to avoid Roman Runner (not always successfully) throughout the game. Despite this, he still managed to average 38.7 yds per punt, had 2 punts inside the 20 and one 50 yard punt. I respect the kicking game, so kudos to Arrivey.



Key Player Stats

QB Stan Bedwell – 26/34, 328 yds, 5 tds, 1 int

RB Arkadi Meershout – 8 rec, 62 yds, 1 td

WR Roman Runner – 5 rec, 69 yds, 2 tds/3 return tds

WR Niko Lester – 7 rec, 110 yds, 2 tds

DB Mikko Isokääntä – 5 tkls, 0.5 tfl

DL Juha Yli-Arvela – 2.5 tkls, 2 tfl, 2 sacks, 1 pbu

LB Juhani Koivumäki – 3.5 tkls, 1 int

LB Cory Magwood – 3.5 tkls, 1.5 tfl, 1 pbu

DL Filip Zacok – 3.5 tkls, 0.5 tfl, 0.5 sack, 1 pbu



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