Fantasy Football with Marianne, Episode 2

After explaining the rules of Vaahteraliiga Fantasy Football, Marianne is out looking for good players all over Finland. This week she went to Tampere and Turku to find some pretty good options for anyone looking to make their team better. Watch the video to find out who those options are!

After two weeks of playing Fantasy Football, Marianne’s team has 159 total points. How is your team doing? If you don’t have a team yet, you can still register online today!




Justin Sottilare (Wasa Royals) 43 pts

Eemi Huhtinen (Hämeenlinna Huskies)0 pts



WR Bernard Luster (Helsinki Roosters)70 pts

WR Timothy Thomas (Helsinki Roosters) 36 pts

RB Karri Pajarinen (Helsinki Roosters)14 pts

WR Mikko Seppänen (Porvoo Butchers) 4 pts



K Malka Joni-Petteri (Turku Trojans)3 pts



DB Juhani Koivumäki (Seinäjoki Crocodiles)0 pts

LB Santtu Åyräväinen (Helsinki Roosters)5 pts

DL Okko Outinen (Helsinki Roosters)5 pts

DB Emmanuel Amudeng (Wasa Royals) 0 pts




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