AFF Maple League Week Two

Week two of the Maple League had a full schedule of games. On Thursday, the Helsinki Roosters defeated the Seinäjoki Crocodiles 50-12. On Saturday, the Porvoon Butchers beat the Tampere Saints 35-7. The last game of the weekend was Monday night with the Wasa(Vaasa) Royals defeating the Turku Trojans 31-2.

This week on AFF, the trio is back and discussing all the aspects of the games played in Week two. Perfect gives praise to the Royals, but claims the only negatives they have are jerseys that are too big. Robert uses stats to explain why the Roosters offense, led by Offensive Coordinator Mikko Koikkalainen, is showing the entire teams’ player versatility and depth of talent. Jabarri praises the Butchers for bringing back hard-nosed football and organizational discipline to Football in Finland.

All three hosts agreed about what makes the Game to Watch so compelling this week. The guest interview this week also gives some insight to the game to watch and the specific player matchups. To find out more about what happened on AFF this week, listen to the show now!

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