Learning How to Play Fantasy Football with Marianne

The Vaahteraliiga will have all 45 games streamed on Ruutu this summer! But the fun doesn’t stop there! This year the Vaahteraliiga has revamped its Fantasy Football services. As a fantasy football vet myself (14 years and counting) this is nothing new to me, but Marianne Konster is new to the fantasy game of football. For the 2017 Maple League season, with my help and guidance, Marianne is going to attempt to create the best Vaahteraliiga Fantasy Football team in the world! Yes, the WORLD! Since the game is online anyone can play from anywhere around the globe. Head over to the Vaahteraliiga Fantasy Football page to register your team and compete with Marianne for bragging rights internationally.

Vaahteraliiga Fantasy Football is a unique game played using real stats from Maple League players to create your own team. If you are new to this fantasy football like Marianne, we have you covered with a detailed introduction of what it is all about. Before doing anything, you need to register your team online, then follow Marianne on her journey to the top!



Football 101: Each team is allowed 11 players on the field. Maple League Fantasy 101: Each team is allowed a total of 11 players. It doesn’t get any easier than that! So what you need to know is what 11 players you are allowed to choose from. Here’s the breakdown:

Offense – 6 players

Defense – 4 players

Kicker – 1.



As previously stated, you are allowed to choose your team from 3 general categories. But you will notice there are subcategories, these are the specific positions you can make choices from and the limits they hold.


On Offense you are allowed 2 Quarterbacks and 4 skill position players. The skill position players can be a combination of Running Back, Wide receiver, or Tight End.


You are allowed a total of 4 defensive players from all positions. The available positions include Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, and Defensive Back


You will be allowed to choose 1 kicker for your team.



This is FINNISH Fantasy Football, so the rules have been amended so we can get to learn the national players of Suomi. To ensure this you will only be allowed to have 1 American player on your team. So, choose wisely who you want to trust that one spot to on your roster. For players from EU countries outside of Finland you are allowed a total of 2 on your team. The other 8 players on your team will be Finnish players. But don’t let that limit you, there is no rule against choosing 11 Finnish players.



PAY ATTENTION! This part is a little tricky. Players will receive points based on key statistics that will be updated in sync with Vaahteraliiga statitics.

QUARTERBACKS – Only get points for passing yards and touchdowns, they also lose points for interceptions.

SKILL PLAYERS – Are awarded points for rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Skill players do not receive any points for punt or kick return yards.

DEFENSE – Players will receive points for all tackles, sacks, passes defended, and interceptions, including plays on special teams (Kickoff/Kickoff Return, Punt/Punt Return, Field Goal/Field goal Block)

KICKERS – Will be awarded points for successful field goals and extra point attempts. Kickers will lose points for missed extra point



The Photos below explain how your players stats are calculated.




We all make mistakes, and Maple League Fantasy is no different. Luckily, if you would like to make changes to your roster during the season, it is possible! You will be allowed to make 20 total substitutions throughout the season (Remember subbing a player out then back in is 2 substitutions). Substitutions can be made every week from Tuesday through Thursday before the week’s games begin. From Thursday to Monday substitutions are not allowed because of games being played during those days. There is an exception for the first week of games that will let you make substitutions until Friday because the Helsinki Roosters play the Turku Trojans on Saturday.



Stats will be cumulative throughout the season, so at the end of the season there will be a final winner. Besides the satisfaction of being a winner, there are incentives to winning the Maple League Fantasy Football.

1ST PLACE – Helsinki to Stockholm round-trip cruise for two people in October. In addition to the cruise tickets you will receive two tickets for the annual Sweden-Finland National team game.

2nd PLACE – Two VIP tickets to Maple Bowl XXXVIII, September 9 at Telia 5G Arena in Helsinki.

3rd PLACE – An official SAJL branded Wilson Game Ball.



Fantasy football is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the Maple league, so create your team today at the Vaahteraliiga Fantasy Football Page!



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