AFF Talks Finnish Football Topics


AMERICAN Football in Finland is back! Episode 2 has the American trio of Perfect Pervis, Rojo, and Jabari Harris discussing a couple of Finnish football topics. First up is the big question: Where are the Finnish Quarterbacks? Perfect blames the American Imports for Finnish QB extinction. Rojo suggests supporting Finnish Quarterbacks could be the future. Jabari pleads for year round coaching for the most important position in football. All three agree on the future quarterback of the Finnish National team, Oskar Drockila, as the promise of a bright future for Finland quarterbacks.

The group also tackles the issue plaguing the Maple League attendance. Rojo believes less Ruutu and more youth involvement will increase attendance league-wide. Jabari suggests lowering the cost of attendance and promoting the sport appropriately as the amateur event it is in Finland. Perfect throws in his two cents about promoting games as a more family friendly activity than a sport and using and type of promotion possible to do so.

Special guest interview this week is with Helsinki Roosters Head Coach Que Floyd. Coach Floyd answers some important questions about his team’s upcoming game against the Turku Trojans. Checkout the podcast Now!



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