The Rojo Coaching System Told By Oskar Drockila

Coaching is a thankless job. You spend countless hours trying to get the best out of players with distinctively different circumstances. If you do a good job some players will go on to become somebodies both on and off the field. Do you know who helped develop Lebron James into the player he is? Neither do I, but I’m 100% sure he didn’t teach himself how to play basketball. So with that, I’m taking this opportunity to thank a young American Football coach in Finland, Robert Johnson aka Rojo.

Rojo Loves the Game

Rojo has been a mainstay in the Finland Football scene since his first year in 2007 with the Porvoo Butchers. Since that time he has always been an advocate of developing local Finnish players and spent extra time with the future stars of Finland. Originally, I wanted to sit down with Rojo and just ask him about how it feels to teach youth players as well as adults the game we all love so much. Unfortunately, Rojo is the Bill Belichick of Finland and does not do in depth interviews, which includes plenty of one word or one sentence responses. Perfect Pervis was not going to be on the receiving end of that conversation, so I decided to reach out to some of Rojo’s top level products. Today, I was lucky to get some feedback from Oskar Drockila.

The National Team Prospect

Oskar is an 18 year old National Team quarterback of Finland. Originally from Helsinki, Drockila has about 10 years American Football experience playing for the Helsinki 69ers and Helsinki Wolverines club teams as well as U17 & U19 National Teams. By the time he crossed paths with Rojo, Drockila already had a pretty decent concept of the game and knew what he needed to be developed. “Reading the Defense and my footwork” were the main areas of concern for the young quarterback.  Since spending time under Rojo’s wing, Drockila has seen the most development regarding reading the defense.

Seeing Rojo coach Finnish players will take you back to the late 90s early 2000s style of coaching you have seen in the states. He is verbally aggressive to his players and shows no mercy in his criticism. He has been known to use some pretty foul language by USA standards, but his passion for improvement is never lost in translation. According to Drockila, Rojo’s most commonly used phrase is “Catch the Fucking Ball!”, which is pretty mild in terms of Football language.  Of course this style of coaching is not for everyone, but it has proven effective for Drockila. Oskar says he likes Rojo’s coaching style because “He knows what he is doing”, which is the ultimate compliment for a coach.

Oskar Drockila was a rising star before meeting Rojo, there is no doubting that. But now playing internationally in the Czech Republic for the Ostrava Steelers, I asked Oskar if he feels he would have reached his current level of development without Rojo’s influence. He gave me a typical Rojo answer, “Definitely not”.

Good Luck to Oskar Drockila

Oskar Drockila is a name to remember in Europe. At the ripe age of 18, he is already playing internationally and has ambitious goals. Not only does Drockila intend to compete in his home country, but he also plans on Getting a championship in Europe, outside of Finland”. Good luck to Oskar this season, and I look forward to reading about his many future accomplishments.




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