Coaching in Finland: Marquette Floyd Leads the Helsinki Roosters

Good teams have good players. Great teams have good coaches. This is especially true in American Football being played all over the world. Who better to teach American Football than AMERICANS? Finland’s football teams have figured this out and have begun to have American Head Coaches helping develop teams. Head Coach of the Helsinki Roosters, Marquette Floyd,  has been kind enough to talk to me about his current coaching position and the impact of American Coaches in Finland.

Marquette Floyd Interview


Floyd played college football at Missouri Valley College where he was a two-time All-American linebacker. Photo Credit:

What’s your previous playing and coaching experience before Europe?

High school football in Tampa Florida, Tampa Bay Tech High School where I started playing corner and safety. Did two years in junior college at ranger college in ranger Texas. Started two years as a safety there. Finished my last two years of ball at Missouri Valley College in Marshall Missouri. Where I played linebacker. My last semester of college I was the outside linebacker coach.


Which nickname do you like better, “Q” or Predator?

Well, Q is my nickname but I guess you can say Europe named me the predator. Which everyone knows I’m a big fan of the movies. But as it pertains to football my hair resembles those of the predators on the movie. Also, the way I hunted on the field reminded people of the predator.  So, it kind of took off from there.


How many seasons have you played in Europe?

Played 6 seasons in Europe.

How many in Finland?

All seasons were in the Finland.


Why did you decide to coach in Helsinki with the Roosters?

Well I had offers from other teams to play and also to coach. But I felt it was the best fit for my personality and the kind of commitment I was looking for as far team commitment. From the board to the players they are all bought in on winning and working hard.


Floyd played five seasons in Finland with the Helsinki 69ers, helping them win the Division 1 Championship in 2012.
Photo Credit:

What kind of goals have you set for the Roosters this year, and how do you plan to achieve those goals?

I just want to help develop the players as much as I can, teaching what it takes to be a winner and also to enhance their knowledge of the game. I plan on doing that by coming to practice every day with something to relay to them that can help on them to be better prepared on game day. I just want to take it game by game.


Can you explain how your specific coaching style will bring success to your team this year?

Well I feel my coaching style will bring a more aggressive nature to this organization. Which is major when it comes to playing this game. I am as passionate as I was playing as I am coaching now. So, the energy level will be high at all times and that will hopefully trickle down to the players.


There seems to be a recent trend of American coaches in Finland. Do you think this will continue in the future, or just a coincidence of this time?

I think it will continue I think the players enjoy being coached by Americans because of course we grew up in the game and can pretty much tell you everything about the game. Finnish coaches also learn a lot from us as well as we learn things from them. I think you will see more American coaches coming to Europe to coach. It’s a different experience than being in the states coaching.


In the next 5 years, where do you see yourself in regards to American Football?

I see myself coaching in Europe or either in the states for sure. It’s just in my system to help others play this game.

Floyd also had the role of Defensive Coordinator while with the Helsinki 69ers. Photo Credit: Helsinki Roosters


In the next 5 years, in terms of competition, popularity, or culture, where do you see American Football in Finland?

I think Finnish football will grow, more people and players are finding out about the competition level in Finland. With the tv deals that they are making now and the streaming capabilities more fans will have ways to support their team and with that comes more notoriety.


If you could make the necessary changes, what suggestions do you have for increasing sport participation and competition in Finland?

More camps for kids, biggest thing would be maybe more tv commercials and radio marketing. More events in the cities about American football.










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