American Football in Finland: Jaycen Taylor

American Football is an international sport being played all over the world! This great sport is taking people all over the world and introducing them to different cultures in the process. Some players go to various teams and countries throughout their career. But what about those players who find a country they Love? Those players continue to play in that country for as long as they can. Also those players tend to have a much more accurate depiction of the life in these countries. Finland is one of the countries that is loved by American Football players around the world. Jaycen Taylor of the Helsinki Roosters was kind enough to answer a few questions about his time in Finland and the cultural aspects. Check out the Interview in Finnish on

Jaycen Taylor Interview 


Jaycen Taylor attended Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California before playing football at Los Angeles Harbor College and Purdue University. Photo Credit: James Bosher
How many years have you been playing Football in Europe/Overseas?

I have played in Europe for 6 years this will be my 7th year this coming season.


How many seasons have you spent in Finland?

3 years in Finland, going on my 4th this season


Why did you choose to play in Finland repeatedly?

When I first thought of playing in Europe I saw it an easy way to see as many countries as possible. Then realized that I didn’t have to play in those countries to see them. I liked Finland because of the English they spoke here.



Taylor began his professional with the Parma Panthers (Italy) where he won two IFL Superbowls. Taylor went on to play for the Swarco Raiders (Austria) before joining the Helsinki Roosters (Finland) in 2014.
Photo Credit: Sami Ranta
What are a few positive cultural differences you have experienced in Finland?

Cultural differences I like are Finns are not up for small talk, so they don’t just sit and talk your ear off. They seem to mind their own business.


What are a few negative cultural differences you have experienced in Finland?

Cultural differences I don’t like is the Shyness, people don’t seem to friendly, they just come off as rude.


What suggestions do you have to ease the cultural transition for American imports in Finland?

Simplest way to transition into Finnish culture is to not take things Finns do so seriously. Do not expect them to be as social as people from where they from (United States). Finns are easy to get along with once you get pass the “they seem Rude” factor.


What kind of advice do you have for anyone interested in playing American Football in Europe or Finland?

Anyone wanting to Ball overseas should put themselves out there to as many teams as possible and get your foot in the door. After that the possibilities are endless. But one main thing I feel is that your NFL dreams must be over, because ball overseas is very different, and it may not help u get back to the big time in the States.


Taylor has won two Maple Bowls with the Roosters as well an IFAF Europe Champions League title. Taylor is also the recipient of both an IFAF Europe Champions League MVP and Vaahteraliiga MVP award. Photo Credit: Helsinki Roosters


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