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I LOVE FOOTBALL. That sentence is just a fact, I can’t help it. Since the age of five, football has been a huge part of my life. From emulating Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman in the back yard with my little brother as a child, to traveling the world to showcase my unique skillset and talents to the world, BALL IS LIFE.

One of these days I’m going to bare my soul about how the game has impacted me personally, but not today. Today I want to tell the story of a football player with a passion that turned into a way of life. His name is Vincent Edward Pervis Jr. (yea, that’s my full name and I’ proud of it!), he was raised in a small town in southeast Texas called Texas City (yes that’s a real city), and somehow made his way to a life in Europe (Kiitos Suomi).


I guess it really started in 2012, when football filled the hole in my heart. After a playing a season in Italy with the Lazio Marines, I was invigorated about football and making it my life. Using the contacts available to me, I was able to join the Criciúma Slayers in Brazil for the second half of the year. Before joining the Slayers, my football experiences had focused on being ridiculously talented and playing at a very high level for whatever team I was a part of at the time. The Slayers were not that type of team. In only their third year of existence, they did not have the knowledge of skills to play at the level I was accustomed to playing. But what they lacked, these guys more than made up for with effort, passion, and the willingness to learn.

Instead of being a player first, I took on a coaching role with the team. I designed an entire offensive and defensive scheme according to what the head coach wanted. I helped develop a structured practice schedule for the team, as well as implementing positional meetings before practices. Some players even participated in private position training with me. Oh, and I played in the games. This team had not had a winning season before my arrival, but we captured the tournament championship that year. As a player I played well, but I’m overwhelmed with emotions just reminiscing about the time I spent teaching these guys the game that we all have come to love. This experience changed my life, this is when I thought I knew what I wanted to do: Play Football all over the world!

Obrigado Slayers, you changed my life forever.


After my time in Criciúma, I continued to play football overseas, as well as doing more coaching locally in Texas. During this time, it was never as in depth or as intensive as my time with the Slayers, which left me constantly looking for a new challenge. 2015: I accept an offer to play for the Gaspar Blackhawks in Brazil. Honestly, I expected this to be an easy way to stay warm before relocating to Finland permanently. Luckily, that’s not what the Blackhawks had in store for me.

This team had great effort and passion for the game, but lacked some basic knowledge of the game. A lot of what these guys were trying to do on the field was based off watching NFL games and Madden. In six months with the Blackhawks I focused on helping these guys understand the fundamentals of the sport and how they could apply their specific talents to their game. Together, we tasted victory more often than not while winning a division title in Gaspar. During my time with the Blackhawks, I spent a lot of time figuring out ways to get the results I wanted from players with a very different cultural view on football. This is when I began asking different contacts: What if Americans were teaching football everywhere?

Obrigado Blackhawks, you guys always make me proud to have spent time with you. #Somoshawks


After my time with the Blackhawks I moved to Finland to live with my beautiful wife. I agreed to coach the Kotka Eagles to stay involved with football but also have time to adjust to my new home. The cold weather kept me inside much more than normal, which gave me plenty of time to think. I began contacting people all over the world, asking if Americans were more present in the football community would the sport develop faster or not. Next, I started researching the companies doing such type of work in Europe and around the globe. Coaching my team was great, but I felt restrained by the fact that I was limited to only helping that one team develop. What if I could help  more players, on more teams? April 2016: I began developing the business plan for Pervis Football.

Pervis Football comes to Fruition

October 2016: Pervis Tmi (Pervis Football) was officially registered in Finland. Now what does that mean?

Pervis Football is willing to teach American Football to anyone wanting to learn. Pervis Football is an American Football company providing an authentic American Football experience for athletes interested in expanding their sporting activities and knowledge. Our Company Mission is to TEACH American Football to athletes throughout the world. We offer a variety of services to accommodate athletes’ specific needs. Pervis Football uses a face to face approach consisting of classroom like presentations, on field training, customized camps, and individual coaching. These services provide accurate information and instruction of American Football, while also increasing the knowledge of the sport. Our company is owned and operated by an American with over 25 years of American Football experience to ensure our customers get the most accurate and up to date quality of American Football information.

Kiitos Titta Pervis, for supporting me 100% through this entire life changing process. I could not have gotten here without you!


Now Pervis Football is fully committed to teach American Football to the world! 2017 will be focused on Finland before expanding to other countries in 2018. For more information about all of our events check out our website or email and we can do something great together!

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