Midsummer Maple League: Dominic Bona

Midsummer is here!! Maple League action is on a small break, so I decided to catch up with a few of the stars of the league and ask some important questions. Here is Dominic Bona of the Tampere Saints had to say.

From Little League to the Maple League

I started playing football when I was 8 years old. I enjoyed playing football because it demanded accountability and excellence from an entire group of guys. I played QB for four years in high school but because of my lack of size and knowledge of the game I was only recruited from smaller schools. I didn’t understand how to truly win games until I attended Albion College. My head coach (Craig Rundle) taught me the ways on how to become a winner with proper preparation on and off the field. My offensive coordinator (Dustin Beurer ) set me up in the right offensive schemes. My QB coach (Steve Wasil) played arena ball and taught me all the necessary mental and physical skills I needed to have in order to be successful. I had success at Albion and started for four years. This is where I started to truly understand the process of the game.


I realized I wanted to continue playing football after my senior year of college, and I also wanted to experience Europe. Being able to come to Finland killed two birds with one stone. I wanted to see a different culture and explore the world a little bit and this was a way to do it for free while playing the sport I love.


Perfect: How do you like Finland and its locals?

Bona: I have really enjoyed Finland so far, especially Tampere. There are a lot of fun things downtown to do and the beaches are a lot of fun.The people are all extremely nice and the night life has been really fun. The guys really know how to drink and party and the women are very attractive.

Perfect: What is your go to meal in Finland?

Bona: My go to meal in Finland is the boneless wings every Thursday at  Sisu Buffet, my teammates and I always go to.


Perfect: What are your midsummer plans?

Bona: I plan on going to the beach and going fishing at one of my teammates cottages.

Talking Football

Perfect: What do you see as the end result for you guys this season?

Bona: I want to take the season one game at a time, because we still have a long way to go. If we take care of that I hope to see us in the playoffs.

Perfect: Individually how do you feel about your performance so far?

Bona: I am still growing and developing every game. I started the season off really slow, but I am continuing to work hard to improve. I have not played up to my potential just yet. I need to capitalize on things earlier in the game.


Perfect: What changes if any do you guys(Saints) need to make to improve?

Bona: We just have to be more confident and believe we can play in the Maple League. We need to focus on playing one play at a time and not worry about failing. We have nothing to lose, because we are the under dogs. If we can do this we will play our hardest and let the cards fall as they may.

Perfect: Name the best 5 players in the Maple League?

Bona: My five Offensive linemen for the Saints.


Perfect: So what’s next for you after the season?

Bona: I hopefully will continue to play in Europe for the next couple years. I am still young, and I want to see and experience a lot more before I hang up the cleats.



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