Midsummer Maple League: Curtis Slater

Midsummer is here!! Maple League action is on a small break, so I decided to catch up with a few of the stars of the league and ask some important questions. Here is Curtis Slater of the Helsinki Roosters had to say.

How Curtis Slater found his way to the Maple League

I started my football journey in South Germany (Marburg Mercenaries) then for my second season moved to north Germany (Hamburg Huskies) having much success and being able to lead the league in interceptions. This opportunity was presented to me  by the Roosters showing interest in me as a player through out my first two seasons playing in Europe. What I call family now, Mic Brown and Bernard Luster instilled the confidence and support needed to give the Roosters organization enough reason to sign me based on my abilities.



Perfect: How do you like it in Finland?

Slater:  I have enjoyed my time in Finland so far there’s more then expected just from the short time I have been here and the city is beautiful.

Perfect: How do you like the Finnish People?

Slater: The Finnish people are wild, I like the energy and enthusiasm that they all have no matter what’s going on it’s like they are ready to go, then there are some that I see as quiet as a mouse.


Perfect: What is your go to meal in Finland?

Slater: Haven’t really found my go to meal yet but the search continues. (Suggestions are welcome)

Perfect: what are your midsummer plans?

Slater:  Not Much Going on For mid-summer mostly relaxing, enjoying the good weather, and hanging out with the guys.


Maple League Football

Perfect: How do you see the Roosters season ending?

Slater:  End result for us this season depends on how committed , dedicated, and focused we are heading down the last stretch of the season. My personal opinion is that the mind set I had when I arrived will stay the same until my goal is achieved and that goal is to win a championship and in that process make my self and my teammates better players and individuals on and off the field.


Perfect: How do you feel about your individuals performance so far this season?

Slater:  Individually I feel like I have been doing a great job helping my teammates better understand the game in different aspects so that together as a unit we can be the best group on the field as possible no matter who we face. I think individual statistics are not really important when you have 10 other guys you put trust in to make a play when it needs to be made and realistically that’s the ultimate goal because personally I feel we can compete with any team in Europe.

Perfect: What changes, if any, do you guys(Roosters) need to make to improve?

Slater: Improvement wise I feel that you can never be to conditioned and I think if we worked on our conditioning we could improve on other areas position wise through out the defense to make it better then what it already is.

Perfect: Do you think the Roosters will be playing more international games in the future?

Slater: Actually that is something that is being worked on as we speak. Ever since the Swarco game there has been word that the roosters are attempting to have 3 different international games from teams all over Europe mainly Austria again, and definitely Germany.


Perfect: Can you name the best 5 players in the Maple League?

Slater:  The Top 5 Players will be spotted through out the season, different opinion, different kind of playmakers, so keep a close eye out.


Life After the Maple League

Perfect: What are your plans after the Maple League season concludes?

Slater:  What’s next will come after what we are striving for is achieved. I am very thankful that this organization believes in me and my abilities as a player and hey who knows you might just get use to seeing this rooster roster for another season.




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