Midsummer Maple League: Isaac Fisher

Midsummer is here!! Maple League action is on a small break, so I decided to catch up with a few of the stars of the league and ask some important questions. Here is Isaac Fisher of the Vaasa Royals had to say.


How Isaac Fisher landed in the Maple League


I heard about Europe football from one of my coaches who is currently playing in Germany so I sent my highlight out and the Royals found me.



Perfect: How do you like it in Finland?

Fisher: I like Finland. The Royals have a great home crowd and my teammates are good people.

Perfect: what are your midsummer plans?

Fisher: I’m going to spend a couple of days in Helsinki and then flying to the Netherlands with some of my teammates over midsummer.


Maple League Football

Perfect: How do you see the Royals season ending?

Fisher: At the end of the season I expect us to be in the championship.

Perfect: How do you feel about your individuals performance so far this season?
Fisher: So far I feel my performance has been good but I can always improve and find ways to get better.

Perfect: Can you name the best 5 players in the Maple League?

Fisher: Not really sure who the best 5 players in the league are haha (Fisher is too focused on his team to notice others)

Life After the Maple League

Perfect: What are your plans after the Maple League season concludes?

Fisher: After the season I’m going back to school in the states and get my masters and play another year of college baseball.


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